Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mikitty Official Blog: 2009-04-27 02:41:13

Impulse Buying

I've been out for a walk all day long ねこ

Going to the Home Center ダッシュ

Eating a crepe

But I'm still on my walk

Among the Omotesando Hills

"Jasmine Tea is~

Sang a wonderful voice

Who could it be~
はてなマーク Thinking that, I went to take a look 目

It was

Well known from Shuuchishin and Hexagon

It was Tsuruno-san, doing a CD in-store event
He was great

So I bought his CD on impulse too

It's a hair straightening iron, small enough to fit in a pen case アップ
I've never seen an iron like this before &

Impulse purchase ふふ

Ah- あせるThis has nothing to do with why I'm impulse buying ポッ サキエル
Translation Notes:
- Thanks to H!P46 for help on a couple different things in this entry.
- For those who wonder who Tsuruno-san is.
- H!P46 came to the conclusion that the last line is probably about the relation between Miki walking around all day and her making all these impulse purchases.

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H!P46 said...

'Purchase' is パーチェス, importantly starting with a パ and not a プ. I believe プラプラ is from ぷらり which means (out for a) walk.
"I've been out for a walk all day long
But I'm still on my walk"

The last sentence directly translated is:
Ah, does this have no relation with the reason I am impulse buying?But that's really unnatural and it's a rhetorical question so I'd rephrase it to something like:
Ah, this has nothing to do with why I'm impulse buyingor
Ah, it doesn't explain why I'm impulse buyingPresumably that means it's not related to her プラプラing.

CatchFiveBats said...

Ah...yeah, I kind of thought that about the pronunciation, but I just went with the 'purchase-purchase' idea to finish up the entry and get it posted. Probably not greatest way to have handled it, but oh well. >.>

And thanks for the correction on the last line, as well. Couldn't really have translated that correctly without knowing what purapura meant, haha.

Regardless...much appreciated, as always.