Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mikitty Official Blog: 2009-04-21 20:00:00

Shougeki! One Phrase ☆

Shougeki! One Phrase's recording starts now ♪

I'm really looking forward to it~ ニコニコ キラキラ

My outfit is just my everyday clothes ドキドキ にひひ

Translation Notes:
- Thanks to jantzeeee for pointing out a couple small mistakes.

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jantzeeee said...

A couple of quick notes... ^^
In the last line, 私服 more just means your own clothes (as opposed to a uniform or a costume that you're made to wear) -- she's saying that the outfit she wore on the show was one of hers, not something that someone else provided for her to wear on it. Also, I'm pretty sure that 楽しみだよ means that Miki herself is looking forward to it. (If you were asking/telling someone else to, it'd be お楽しみに~ or something like that.)

CatchFiveBats said...

That's actually pretty much what I was going for in the last line. XD I'll go ahead and make it a little more specific though.

And I kind of pondered over what you mentioned in your second note when I was translating this entry, but I didn't actually know which of those meant what...so thanks for telling me. :)

- Zac

jantzeeee said...

Ah ^^; Sorry to point out what you already know ><; Tsuji uses the word (私服) a ton, and she's generally really gushing about all of them, so maybe that's part of why "plain clothes" looked weird to me there ^^;;;

Glad I could help with the 楽しみs though ^^