Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fujimoto Miki Official Blog

Something us Miki fans have been waiting a long time for has finally arrived...an official Mikitty Blog!

Something to note...she accidentally double-posted her second entry. XD Clearly she's not used to the whole blogging thing yet...so cute. <3

I'm considering maybe posting translations here...but I'm sure someone will be doing it elsewhere, and depending on how often she posts, I may not have time. >.< I guess we'll see. :P

- cfb


umichan said...

I would just like to say.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! *tears of joy* I greatly appreciate you translating Mikitty's blog entries. It's one of the best things ever. So Thank You Thank you again so much! :) I'm currently taking Japanese classes but am not as good yet. I'll do my best in it and do my best to help you as well in any way I can. =)

Fushigidane said...


kumago said...

mikikitty I like u so much