Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mikitty Official Blog: 2009-04-22 14:41:44

Because I'm A Young Lady ♪

But I'm also a 24-year-old young lady !

I test beauty goods a lot, through mail order and things like that ガーン

Because I want to do my best to be forever young, I bought this makeup to try out ☆

That company's makeup キラキラ

No matter what you say, the package is cute ニコニコ ドキドキ

My usage report is something to look forward to for another day ニコニコ

Translation Notes:
- Thanks to boinsie for helping me make up my mind. XD

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boinsie said...

Maybe it's something like, "I'm a young lady, but I'm a 24 year-old young lady!" to emphasis that she needs to wear makeup due to her age.
Because, what does being a virgin have to do with trying out make-up? ^^;;

CatchFiveBats said...

Yeah, that makes a lot more sense. Damn my indecisiveness. XD