Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mikitty Official Blog: 2009-04-15 22:56:56

This entry was really, really tough. I'm still not totally sure about the last three lines or felt like a lot of different things could be inferred from what she said. >.< Either way, this explains the sore next to her mouth on Kimi wa Break. :P


I'm battling right now !!

I'm desperately battling for my life !!

Against a cold sore あせる

Somehow a cold sore has appeared beside my mouth ショック!
I guess this kind of cold sore is like chickenpox ガーン
My immunity had declined, so it happened easily あせる

My immunity declining... 台風
As I thought, I'm still a little girl, huh? ニコニコ ラブラブ

During makeup 口紅 I'm really アップ アップ going to try hard しょぼん
Applying medicine あせる
And taking medicine ガーン

I want to get better quickly あせる

Especially to all the young ladies out there, we're pretty stubborn, so let's be careful グー あせる

I'm feeling pretty depressed because of this ショック! あせる ダウン ダウン

Well then パー
Translation Notes:
- Apparently the word for both cold sore and herpes in Japanese is just 'herpes'? XD So I made some changes to the translation when I found that out... >.<
- The part about being a little girl...the type of cold sore she's got is similar to chickenpox, as she said...and chickenpox is something that normally only kids are susceptible to, so I'm assuming that's what she's talking about. Not so much a translation note as some explanation as to what I thought Miki meant. XD

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Wendy said...


CatchFiveBats said...

Somehow I knew I'd get some crap for this. >.>

Anonymous said...

i think the word herpes is well as cold sores...

after i found out the news, i frantically wikipedia it and found out that the herpes mentioned is likely to be Herpes Labialis...

CatchFiveBats said...

Yeah, I think either would be okay...but I like the sound of cold sore more than herpes, haha. XD

And yeah, I researched on wikipedia too XD

Anonymous said...

口唇ヘルペス is "oral herpes/cold sores/HSV-1" in Japanese, but Mikitty simply writes it as "ヘルペス" (Herpes).

I also assume that she means it is HSV-1 though...

Anonymous said...

@ CatchFiveBats...
the sound of cold sores sure is better than friend was in panic after she read your translation (before the editing), i gotta calm her down...hehehehehe...

all in all...let's wish her to be healthy... XD

CatchFiveBats said...

While Google translator is certainly nothing to rely on...if you type 'cold sore' into the Japanese->English translator, ヘルペス is the result. So I would assume that it could mean any type of herpes, including just a cold sore.

H!P46 said...

For those who don't know, the virus that causes cold sores and genital herpes can be transmitted to cause the other. As a result, the word ヘルペス is used to mean either but context dictates that in the majority of cases it means cold sores.

MorningBerryz said...

OMG!....just a "normal" cold sore right?! :o

CatchFiveBats said...

Miki hasn't said directly that it's just a normal cold sore, but I'm fairly confident that it's nothing serious.